Today, January 24th, is the International Day of Education, a day to recognize and remember the importance of education.  The United Nations declared January 24th the International Day of Education in December 2018 to formally recognize that education plays a key role in building peaceful, sustainable and resilient societies.  Education contributes to increased productivity of individuals and strengthens the potential for economic growth, develops the skills needed for decent work, develops the professional skills needed for sustainable development, including in the fields of water and sanitation, green energy and the conservation of natural resources, helps to eradicate poverty and hunger, contributes to improved health, promotes gender equality and can reduce inequality, and promotes peace, the rule of law and respect for human rights,  
Watoto Read is working hard to address the lack of access to education in refugee camps in Chad, Africa.  Did you know that as much as 70% of refugee children don’t complete elementary education?  
Join Watoto Read in celebrating the role of education in our global society!