In 2021, Watoto Read partnered with Days for Girls International to provide 21,000 menstrual health kits to girls in Eastern Chad refugee camps. The kits were shipped from the U.S. in August 2021, arrived in Douala, Cameroon in October and reached their destination in Goz Beida, Chad in February 2022!

As girls in refugee camps reach puberty, they face insurmountable difficulties: the lack of products for their monthly hygiene care. Often, girls quit school. We are thrilled for this partnership to keep 21,000 refugee girls in schools in 13 refugee camps in Chad, Africa, where Watoto Read and Jesuit Refugee Service partner.

The 21,000 girls also received female health and hygiene education provided by a teacher certified in Days for Girls’ “Ambassadors of Women’s Health Training.”

Watoto Read and Days for Girls are excited for this opportunity to make such a large impact in the lives of refugee girls in Chad! We are grateful to those who helped sew the kit components across the U.S.A. and for all those who contributed to cover costs for shipping kits and for training refugee teachers in Chad.
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Learn more about the background and importance of this project and the partnership from Watoto Read’s Co-Founder and Executive Director, Claudine Leary.